Circling for Tomorrows

From 3 to 9 July 2023, the third Walking Arts Encounters/Conference will take place in Prespa, Greece. Walking artists from all over the world meet to exchange ideas. This year under the focus "Walking Visions/Visions for Walking". lerjentours is involved for the third time. In 2019, lerjentours participated on site with the walk 'Walking Ruins', in 2021 she co-organized the HUB Zurich, in 2023 she is present with the score "Circling for Tomorrows".

Walking Visions/Visions for Walking

"Walking goes far beyond the geographical, territorial, and tangible perimeters of the land. What are the imaginative and visionary potentials of walking? Towards what future are we walking? How can walking as an artistic practice enable new visions? The first Walking Arts Encounters/Conference (WAC) held in Prespes (2019) focused on 'walking bodies' and on physical and perceptible relations to the landscape. The second WAC event (2021) brought up a more socio-political perspective, by addressing 'walking as a question'. In this third encounter, we go beyond the tangible presence of the body in space, or the different approaches that walking has in addressing socio, political, economic or ecological issues. We open up a third dimension, connected to the main idea of 'Walking Visions'. How does walking allow us to access intangible experiences or potential conditions, past, present or future?"


WAC is organized by the University of Western Macedonia, co-organized and in partnership with Made of Walking/the Milena principle and walk · listen · create (WLC)


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